Thank you to the Les and Muriel Batten Foundation



The Batten family, who once owned the land where The Northern Hospital is now located, continue to maintain very strong ties to the northern community and have been extremely generous supporters, funding several projects over the past ten years.

The Les & Muriel Batten Foundation’s most recent gift of $124,500 will help Northern Health purchase five Infant Isolette 8000 Incubators for the Special Care Nursery that will protect and potentially save the lives of newborns requiring additional assistance after birth.

Bruce Batten, the nephew of Les and Muriel, hopes that this contribution will go a long way to improving the lives of newborns at The Northern Hospital.

“Uncle Les was always very good with kids, and was very clear in his instructions that the money from his estate should go towards helping and supporting young children in the community,” said Mr Batten.

“Children deserve the very best possible start in life they can get.”

“We are proud and pleased to be able to assist in improving the lives of new children and families in Melbourne’s north, and hope these five new Incubators go a long way to help provide this,” Mr Batten said.

Northern Health Acting CEO, Robynne Cooke, thanks The Les & Muriel Batten Foundation for their kind and generous donation to improving the lives of the newest members of a northern community.
“The Special Care Nursery at The Northern Hospital is equipped with the latest facilities and equipment to provide better care for babies and is monitored by experienced midwives and neonatal nurses,” said Ms Cooke. “Every baby admitted to the Special Care Nursery is treated with specialised care and sensitivity to meet their individual needs”

“As our community grows, the generous donation from The Les & Muriel Batten Foundation, will help us to procure five Infant Isolette 8000 Incubators will mean that we can help more newborns get the vital care they need,” Ms Cooke said.

“We were proud to see 2407 babies born at The Northern Hospital last year, and anticipate that we will deliver up to 3000 new babies this year.”

“The early newborn period is a pivotal time where mothers bond with their babies, and the donation of these Isolettes to Special Care Nursery will help cater for more babies to be treated locally, allowing families to remain closer together and boost the hospital’s ability to accommodate the increasing number of high-risk neonates being born,” said Ms Cooke.
“We thank The Les & Muriel Batten Foundation for their generous contribution to improving the lives of northern families and helping us to create a healthier northern community.”