Oaks Day 2017

On Thursday, 9 November 2017, Bev Carman’s Can-Do Group held their annual Oaks Day luncheon at the Kilmore racing club, raising funds for the Northern Health Foundation’s Day Oncology Appeal.

The lovely ladies of Kilmore (and the handful of distinguished men) put on their best frocks for a day out of champagne, fancy eating and a good time overall. The venue was filled with the colours of the rainbow in every direction with the ladies wearing an assortment of fascinators.

Neil Spence of Regional Victoria was kind enough to bring a scalp cooling machine, which combats hair loss during chemotherapy for patients during cancer treatment. The Northern Health Foundation Day Oncology Appeal is raising money to purchase these machines for our hospital. Thanks to the many contributors to the campaign, we have purchased our first machine and are well on the way to a second.

We were also lucky enough to have, the first ever woman in Australia to use the scalp cooling machine, Catherine Ogilby, speak at the event. Catherine provided the perspective of what it’s like to use the machine during chemotherapy. As she said, it’s more than just an appearance thing, being able to keep your hair after such a traumatic experience is morale boosting. To look at yourself in the mirror and see the same person looking back at you before you were undertaking the treatment. As she put it, “still see me as me”. It was very inspiring to hear.

If you would like to learn more about the scalp cooling machine or to help us purchase our second machine, click the button below.

The event continued with a raffle, sweeps stake and a silent auction with winners all round. And as is tradition, the fashion day parade for aspiring models to strut their stuff. We were treated to masterful singing and guitar performance by the talented Director of Pharmacy at Northern Health, Scott Savage.

The luncheon was a huge success and we would like to thank Bev Carman and her volunteers for organising it all. Bev sadly announced that this would be the last Oaks Day she organises and will be passing on the reigns to her colleague, Denise Grech.