The Northern Health Foundation is grateful to all
our supporters who we acknowledge through the following six categories:




  • Tattersall’s
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities
  • Vic Urban
  • Orbit Homes
  • The Baker Foundation
  • Colliers Charitable Fund
  • Medtronic International
  • Mr Paul Wheelton OAM




Mr Paul Wheelton OAM

Paul Wheelton, OAM has a long and committed history of charitable giving. His generosity includes a recent gift to the Northern Health Foundation to help fund the construction of Northern Health’s Teaching, Training and Research Precinct, due for completion in 2013.

Paul is renowned for his belief in the power of education to change lives. ‘I’m a passionate supporter of education,’ he says. ‘I truly believe education can change the future. To be able to contribute to the training and education of the next generation of medical professionals is enormously important.’

Having run businesses in the local area for many years, Paul is also keenly aware of the challenges Northern Health must meet in the years ahead. ‘Many of my staff live locally and I’ve seen the area grow and develop over the years into one of Melbourne’s major growth corridors,’ he says. ‘Infrastructure such as the Teaching, Training and Research Precinct will be critical in supporting the community and meeting the growing need for local health services.’

Paul is a committed advocate for a stronger culture of philanthropic giving in Australia. ‘We’ve tended to lag behind many other parts of the world in terms of our charitable giving, but I think that’s changing now. I urge anyone who’s in a position to help, and local business leaders in particular, to support the Northern Health Foundation. I think we all have an obligation to give back to our community, and by making a donation to a project like this one, you’ll really see what a significant impact your support can make.’

Medtronic: Modelling good corporate citizenship

Medtronic, one of the world’s largest producers of medical devices, is a committed supporter of Northern Health, having made many generous donations over the years.

‘At Medtronic we have a long and proud history of philanthropy,’ says Andrew Wiltshire, senior director of Corporate Affairs. ‘Part of our philosophy as a company is to improve health and the development of healthcare services, plus educate and support future generations of physicians. We support Northern Health because we know that the Northern area is one of the fastest growing communities inVictoria, and as the population grows so too will the demand for health services.’

Medtronic’s recent support of Northern Health includes a significant donation to help fund a cardiology fellowship. ‘Cardiology is one of our key focus areas at Medtronic and we’re pleased to be able to help with this fellowship and train health professionals for the future,’ Andrew says.

Good corporate citizenship is an important factor in Medtronic’s corporate culture, and staff engagement is just one of the benefits that stem from their philanthropic support. ‘We see very clear benefits from our charitable involvement,’ Andrew explains. ‘Our charitable giving, whether that’s in the form of monetary donations, medical equipment or volunteer hours, provides not only a strong sense of engagement for our employees, but also provides important connections with communities where we live and work.’